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5KVA Full solar bundle

5KVA auto switch inverter, 200w solar panels (12pcs), 220AH tubular batteries (4pcs), MPPT Solar Charge controller, Installation accessorirs, workmanship included.

With Solar #2,200,000

Without Solar #1,700,000

4G Solar CCTV Camera

Solar powered CCTV surveillance camera. can work with any 4G sim card, has TF card slot for recording storage, high definition video recordings.


60A mppt Solar Charge controller

Strong mppt solar charge controller. 60A


7.5kva Solar System

Powers Chiller, Deep freezer, Air conditioners, pumping machine, sewing machine, TV, fans and other loads not more than 3750w

With Solar price: # 4,000,000

Without Solar price: # 3,200,000


Powers a fridge/freezer, washing machine, pumping machine, TV, fans and other appliances not more than 1750w in total.

With Solar price: # 1,200,000

Without Solar price: # 950,000


Can power 1hp pumping machine, deep freezer, TV, fans and loads not more than 1250w in total

 With Solar price: # 950,000

Without Solar price: # 800,000

1.5KVA Solar Bundle

Powers a small fridge, TV, fans, home theatre, bulbs and other smaller loads not more than 600w in total.

 With Solar price: # 600,000

Without Solar price: # 400,000

1KVA Standard System

Can power Tv up to 65' led size, fan, laptop, charging and lighting.

Without Solar price: # 450,000

Single Solar SpotLight

Super bright Solar light, with small solar panel to charge the inbuilt battery. Good for shops, rooms, and even outdoor lighting


150w Solar street Light

Super Bright pocket friendly Solar Street Light


Solar street light

Strong project type solar street light with lithium battery, mono panel, with 24months warranty. 12hours bright lighting time with auto switches.


Solar street light 2

Strong iron casing solar street light with 2 years warranty. comes with inbuilt label and rugged lithium battery.


1.5kva Techfine Solar inverter

12v 1.5kva rugged solar inverter. Also available in different capacities. 1kva- 30kva.


Indian Tubular batteries

Very strong tubular wet cell battery with 24months warranty. 75KG


DC Solar rechargeable fan

Super blowing rechargeable fan, with inbuilt lithium ion Battery, with Solar panel and AC charger for charging it. 15w power consumption.


Solar Freezer

Solar Freezer and Refrigerator


DC Solar Iron

12V DC iron, super fast hotness with regulations. can iron any type of fabric, and can work with any 12v battery.


12v DC Bblender

Good for blending pepper, melon and other thing related. super fast in operation, and can work with any 12v battery.


Solar DC Cooker

DC cooker. works with battery, available in 12v and 24v. can work with any 12v battery and solar panel.


Portable Solar Power SPP-007DC

Portable power kit, with external bulbs for rooms, can power a DC fan, phone etc. 12.6KG


1000w Solar Generator

1000w solar generator, with two 200w mono solar panels, inbuilt 200AH virla battery x 1. Can power a small sized fridge, TV up to 65" size, decoder, sound system, lightings etc


500w Solar Generator

A 500 Solar generator, Comes with a 100w solar panel, inbuilt 70AH virla gel battery. can power up to a 43" led TV, fan, Decoder, lightings and the likes.